Experience, development and collaboration is at the core of our success. We team with our customers throughout the prototyping process by offering innovative solutions in material and design to ensure complete satisfaction.


IPC offers a number of flexible designs-to-fabrication solutions:

  • Concepts into projects
  • Engineering from picture, file, scale model, or reverse engineer
  • PDF, DXF
  • Supplied CAD file
  • IPC created CAD file
  • Design in Solidworks, ProE, or AutoCAD

carbon fiber molding


IPC offers a wide spectrum of custom composite and metal fabrication capabilities that are scalable to meet our customer’s specification and time commitments. Our versatility in providing a full range of CAD services, (including using customer provided specifics), combined with our facility and its large fabrication area, enables us to transform your vision into reality.

Manufacturing & Finishing

IPC is a fully functioning manufacturing and finishing facility that excels in quality and on-time delivery. Our wide range of equipment, including our state-of-the art extra-large curing oven and autoclave allows us to scale to any size project.

IPC offers a full range of CAD services.

Carbon fiber fabric

Tooling & Material

We are experienced tool and mold makers, capable of scale or actual size models. Clay, glass, carbon or polymers, we use the proper mold base material required to ensure the best performing finished product.

We are experts in the use of light weight performance materials, specializing in carbon fiber, nomex, aluminum, kevlar, and fiberglass.


IPC specializes in producing graphite-epoxy parts by layering sheets of carbon fiber cloth into molds — from single to muti-layered lay-ups. Depending upon the application and needs of our customers, other specialized materials such as kevlar; or fiberglass, aluminum, or nomex core, are incorporated into the process to optimize strength and stiffness. (We also carry a multitude of carbon fiber weaves.)

Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

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